How to get glowing skin

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog post, apologies, as I have been extremely busy! Recently I did a poll on Instagram and most of you said you would like to see more beauty blog posts so here comes some more 🙂 This blog post is about how to get glowing skin.... Continue Reading →

Tips on how to make your foundation last longer!

Anyone can apply foundation on their face, however what makes it even better is knowing that it will last all day. Normally when you apply foundation you do not need any touch ups. For tips on how to make your foundation last longer continue reading below: Apply face serum and moisturiser first before applying your... Continue Reading →

Blow Drying & GHD hair masterclass

This blog post is a little different this time as its hair related rather than beauty. Some of you probably already know that SierraByLondon have also started blow drying hair. We have been so excited about this and had lovely feedback! After weeks of training, we never felt more confident with blow drying hair! In... Continue Reading →

Eye cream does wonders!

Eye cream is an important topic that I feel doesn’t get talked about much in the beauty industry! The more makeup masterclasses I go to, the more I realise how vital eye creams are. We almost forget that our skin around the eyes is slightly different to the rest of the skin on our face.... Continue Reading →

LVL lash service

SierraByLondon have now been trained in LVL lashes (Length, Volume, Lift). As our fellow followers would know already we are always looking to expand our brand on services we feel our customers would love. We want to give the best possible service, hence why we introduced this lash service. It fits in perfectly with getting... Continue Reading →

Products from Urban Decay Masterclass

  Recently, I was lucky enough to go to an Urban Decay Masterclass where they showed us all a trending makeup look using bold and beautiful colours. I recognised that Urban Decay are a well-known brand for their edgy and urban makeup and certainly love their colours! It was interesting to acknowledge the brand techniques... Continue Reading →

SierraByLondon Services

This blog post is for everyone to keep their eyes peeled for some exciting stuff coming to SierraByLondon. Some additional features being added to our freelance services that you will all love and is highly in demand! As you may know already we specialise in Airbrush makeup as one of our services we do to... Continue Reading →

SierraByLondon YouTube Channel!

(SierraByLondon have a YouTube channel! Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy! :D) Quite recently SierraByLondon (SBL) have launched a YouTube channel. This channel is designed for individuals who have a interest in beauty and henna. We have already posted two of our shoot projects we did for our portfolio of bridal and reception hair and makeup looks. We wanted to... Continue Reading →

London Fashion Week 2018!

I haven't done a fashion blog post in a while now, and as it was London Fashion Week (LFW); it's the perfect opportunity! Most of my readers voted on my poll that they would love to read about the LFW blog, so this is for you guys! As you may or may not be aware... Continue Reading →

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